samsung headphones

Samsung has been building up its Level lineup of premium audio devices and now it is offering another model called Level On Wireless Pro. These headphones have been designed specially for music fans, with a comfortable fit in a premium design and build that also boasts intuitive functions for ease of use.

The Level On Wireless Pro headphones feature Ultra High Quality Audio that promises better sound quality than CDs with the correct format. UHQA provides an almost live listening experience that users will love.

They sport a comfort memory foam cushion in a premium design and build for long hours of use with minimal discomfort. That is something we all love. They have One Touch Connection controls for tasks like adjusting volume and directly changing tracks as well. Other features include active noise cancelling, and four external and internal microphones detect and cancel-out background noise for a richer sound.

They also have a talk-in mode so that users can listen to music and ambient sound at the same time, this helps in situations like walking or running outdoors. We have no information about pricing yet, but we know that the headphones will be available to purchase in black and even gold colors. They sound well worth checking out.